Tuesday, June 14, 2011


WOW!  Only one week into our official summer break and we are going a mile a minute...2 soccer camps (one for each boy) is keeping me in my car much more than I would like....BUT....I have finished (I think) the porch table project! (Photo's coming later!) 

After numerous emails to some of my most crafty friends, they guided me in 200 different directions, having me really think about the table.I came up with a variation of different ideas, tried them, hated it, sanded, primed and repainted MANY times. While my hubby thought plain white was fine the entire time!  (what does he know!) 

I stuck with my original idea of keeping it pink and green and little else (although I tried other colors too!)  The simplicity of the table is what I love.  The small pops of color! 

My porch and yard are now complete for this season.  6 flats of pink impatiens, countless pots full of colors, super green grass and trimming our overgrown hedge has made our yard "the party place", just in time for the 4th of July!   I love living outside with my pretty pink yard and relaxing on my ubber preppy porch!  I wish it was summer all year long!

I am off to clean off the porch (the pollen is leaving a lovely yellow dust on everything) and will share later! 

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