About ME

In trying to write a page all about Me, I found it hard....I think I am pretty nice but I do have my flaws....Instead I will just tell you words that I think of myself or that others, sometime in my life, have told me 

I am....
I AM MOM....my favorite job to date!
I am a wife....10+ years and yearly re-newing the contract with M.
I am a daughter to my amazing parents.  
I am a sister to my brother who died of cancer 14 years ago and miss every minute of the day.
I am a friend to many....The close friends know who they are....
I am a cook....sort of....I love to cook so I consider myself a good cook although I will not be hosting any Food Channel show anytime soon.
I am a driver to J & C often, and I do not mind. I love to drive.  It's in my blood to love cars, and I do.
I am kind to a fault.   
I am thoughtful also to a fault. 
I am inspiring (so I was told by the one friend who pushed me to do this BLOG)
I am organized and I love it! I find peace and happiness when something is organized! 
I am funny and I love that people laugh with me!
I am laughable....I am! I can be pretty funny when I least expect it! 
I am dependable. 
I am trusting.
I am warm until the drafty house makes me cold! 
I am selfless. 
I am selfish (yep, been called that recently! that friend was NOT invited to read this!)
I am lazy (yea, been called that too lately!) Who does not love a lazy day! But I do not make a habit of it!
I am a dreamer, but who is not?
I am logical. 
I am a big thinker but remembers to think of the details too.
I am sensitive. 
I am emotional....If you knew my story you would be too!
I am worldly...I am!  I have lived in 3 countries, been to countless schools, and lived in more houses than many!
I am bubbly (my mom says that about me and has since I was 4!)
I am realistic (and that is no fun sometimes!)
I am frugal (sometimes! I should be more!)
I am colorful! I love pink! :)