Saturday, April 23, 2011

Me and some new freinds

Meet me and my new BFF King Arthur of the Harlem Wizards!  

While he may be only 5'9, and the smallest guy on the team, he has a personality of a GIANT!  ACtually all of the guys were amazing.  Funny, generous, considerate and and true showmen!

As a surprise the many volunteers at our event last night honored me with a bouquet of flowers at Half time. While I was humbled by the gesture, this was not a lone effort, but I appreciated the thought.  This started as a little idea at our dining room table and blew up to a 1000 person event!

Then Arthur and I donned our dancing shoes to kick off the half time show to the cha cha slide!

There is plenty more to share, but I am still on a high from the days events!

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