Wednesday, April 13, 2011

We are home, we are busy!

We are back from our fantastic vacation and I dove right into full fundraising mode for the harlem wizards event we are planning next week.  It has been a whirlwind of chaos, phone calls and emails.  I only just yesterday finished unpacking (yes, we have been home for 2 weeks!)
And while I would like to say I have been crafty and creative since arriving home all relaxed, I have not. No time, but as soon as the Wizards are over, I will be outside, sanding, painting, gardening and enjoying some 
R & R. I have a list as long as the eye can see on things to do!
Here are a few of my favorite photo's from our trip....It was full of sun, fun and a lot of R & R, which we all needed and deserved.  9 days was the perfect amount of time to be away and start to miss home sweet home...

 J & C getting ready to ride Grandpa's super fast red car!

 C mastering golf outside my
parents house!

Grandpa took J, C & M on a hike up the mountains. I love this photo and the size differences between them!

More to come from me just as soon as this 1000 person event is over...I promise!

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