Thursday, April 14, 2011

Something small

I found a way to create a little "cute" in my kitchen weeks ago. I took a plain ol black shadow box frame and when I find something free and printable on any of the BLOGS I visit and I love it, I print it! I use simple and pretty pins to keep the paper from falling down.   I have a file going so I can switch them out for season, holidays, inspiration etc. 

This morning, while stalking browsing some of my favorite BLOGS I found landee see landeedo and fell in love with this spring (and FREE) printable!  I snagged it to put in my shadow box!  The colors are not "my kitchen", but the saying is wonderful.
 Isn't that cute??

The family rules will be filed away until the next time I need them!  It is a fun and cheap way to personalize my kitchen!

Here it is in my kitchen!

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