Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Knee Deep into Fall!

I love seasons...I think that is why I love living in the mid-west, we see seasons, the changes in the outdoors, and it just makes me happy!  We are into fall here at our house....Granted the high is to be 73 today (and Friday it could be 78!)  Indian Summer is ok with me too! 

C and I made a plan to make oodles of pumpkin muffins today, no matter what! I made 2 dozen 8 days ago and the family ate them in 3 days.....Breakfast, with lunch, snacks etc.....They are a hit!  So we made another 2 dozen today along with a pound of bacon for breakfast this week!  (Time saver tip!  I usually make a pound of bacon on Sundays to give the boys all week long at breakfast to give them some protein in the morning, but we were busy this weekend!) 
Those of you that "know" me, know I do not bake....Nope, I am a cook, and measuring is NOT my thing....Baking to me (and my boys) is using a box mix and adding some other items (as per the directions!)  Our favorite pumpkin bread "mix" is from Trader Joes

Like the box says...Just add eggs, oil and water...Now that is baking to me! :) 

My kids love it, as do M and I!  We even add a few chocolate chips to the tops to make it "better" (as per J & C).  

We are off from school for a long weekend so we have some fall fun planned.  A trip to a pumpkin patch, perhaps apple picking too and we are working on crafting more pumpkins for our indoor and outdoor decor!  I have recently become addicted to Pinterest and have been inspired by some of the things I have found.  My hope is that we can make some fun new things to add to our decor without breaking the budget!  

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