Friday, March 4, 2011

Crafty Friday

This weekend I am making a craft for J's school.  I have had an overwhelming amount of teachers at J's school that want to participate in the Harlem Wizards event.  It is amazing! With that said we can only supply 5 teachers from his school for our team so I had to figure out how to get the kids involved and let them vote. 

After much thought I decided on a PENNIES FOR PLAYERS voting system.  I have been collecting milk jugs like a crazy woman (thanks neighbors!).  I have made up signs for each jug that will be glued onto one jug per staff member. The kids will get to bring money / change from home to vote for who they want to represent our school.  The teachers with the most amount of money will be on our team! 

Today I will be making the signs and laminating them.  I will *try* to remember to take photos' of the process. 

My idea could also work on kids!  J is saving his money right now for various "things" he wants before we leave on vacation!  He really wants a new DS game:
New Super Mario Bros. 
So with my left over milk jugs I will make him one too for his money.  Nightly we seem to count the money and he is up to $ 6.50.  Since we will go to Game Stop for this purchase, chances are he can get it used for less money.  M thinks we could help him, but I would like to see him earn as much as he can before stepping in to assist. I think this is a great learning experience for him!

My momentum of organizing has hit a stand still.  Sadly life is getting hectic before vacation time.  Since we are heading west to see my parents, we are trying to pack early and ship our clothes so we do not have to pay to check bags.  It is most difficult to pack for 3 weeks from now.  Even though I am not wearing shorts and t shirts these days, it seems to be a tough task.  It was easy to pack up the boys boxes, they have enough clothes for 10 children (opps!).  I on the other hand wear everything (ok, almost everything) in my closet.  To be without some tshirts and shirts for weeks at a time could make me feel like I really do have NOTHING TO WEAR!   

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