Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Hiatus

Hiatus is a word that I rarely use....I do not sit still well. I do not "turn" off my brain...E.V.E.R.....But, per doctor's orders, I need to.....

Let me explain, without giving out too much....

Monday evening I was doubled over in pain.  It caused me to stay close to the bathroom for 10 hours.  The next morning, the pain was worse as well as some symptoms occurred causing M to take me to the ER.  After an IV of rapid fluids and some tests I was sent home for more tests to be done later this week with other DR's.  He also said I need to stay put, relax and not stress....So, after much rest yesterday, I knew I needed to take a break, see what the tests result in and go from there. I am trying not to google my symptoms to make me more paranoid.

M and the boys have been amazing taking it easy on me.  M is keeping up with laundry, feeding the kids, bathing them, working on homework, and caring for me.  These are all my jobs so even they know I am sick when I cannot even try to help. 

I am blessed to be surrounded with good friends and family close by, as well as friends that are not close by but call / text / email to check in on me.  I am not crafting, organizing or thinking of new things to do. I am catching up on the DVR'd shows I never watch, I am reading magazines and books and trying hard to not be in pain. 

So, until my health is back to normal, nothing crafy or cooking will be coming for me....perhaps just words of wisdom in my boredom! :)

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