Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Should be, but I am not

I should be packing for our vacation. I should be finishing up the laundry. I should finish cleaning up the house, but instead I am visiting my favorite BLOGS as a lunch break...The chores will come after my 20 minutes of viewing is over! (And Yes, I did set a timer!)

So off I go to my FAVORITE blog....IHeart Organizing and well, she inspired me again...More because I love trying to make her ideas work in my world!  And when she recommends MORE organized people, well, my heart skips a beat!  Ideas keep my brain busy while I do the daily chores we all do.  Inspiration too! I have my idea book sitting in my pile for my carry on bag...I have a lot of "ideas" when we get home I need to get done!  Wait til you see the list I come up with!

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