Saturday, March 19, 2011


With the warmer temps of the past week, and the sun shining today, I started really changing some decor around the house and outside.  I NEED it to be spring. I need the sun. I need to NOT wear my UGGS daily.  Granted we are departing for the west on Thursday, where today it was 85, but still, I need constant warmth, not the teasers we get here!

So I started last week with some paper mache where the boys and I made eggs.  It was kind of fun for them, annoying for me since they were not doing it perfectly. I got over it.  Some turned out, some did not.  Live and learn right?  Then I decided they would go outside in our large pot on the front step. I then cut some straight branches from our hedge and white washed them.  Headed to HOBBY LOBBY Artificial Grass to hide the eggs in.  It turned out a lot better than I imagined, and will snap photo's tomorrow. (C was not enjoying the final moments of this project so I had to give up and will fluff it up tomorrow).

I will pull out the rest of the Easter / spring decor this week.  Eggs to hang from chandeliers, eggs to fill up vases etc.  At least there is a bit of spring right outside my front door to make me smile for the 5 more days of erratic weather.....Then I will be basking in the sun of Southern CA for 9 days.  That makes me happy....really happy!

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