Friday, August 19, 2011

Always looking!

I love to look at blogs that help me organize my life, my family, my house etc.

I am a huge believer and fan of Cozi and the amazing online calendar, list maker and articles! We live by it and weekly, if not more, I reference it for something.  We have it on our phones, we print out the monthly calendars, I make lists on it, I text M reminders from it.  It has truly made our family commitments so much easier to handle.

I am also a huge fan stalker of iheartorganizing.  Jen is amazing and inspirational and there is not a week that has gone by that I have not found SOMETHING on her site that has not motivated me to better our home, or lives.  While I might be a silent fan, I still read all of her articles and then plan to do them on my Cozi calendar!  Hello, organized???!!!!???

Jen's latest post on getting lunches ready for school has be ready to tackle a new lunch making routine.  I have made out 30 minutes each Sunday on the calendar to prep for lunches!  I have some bins ready, I have shopped, I have lists of lunch ideas prepped and I am ready to roll out yet another genius organized routine for this family!

How or what keeps you organized?

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