Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Just can't get enough

Of Mel's Kichen Cafe blog!  Daily ideas for amazing meals!!

Tonight's meal is a favorite of mine, but I am going with her version instead!  Quick-and-tasty-cheesesteak-subs 

I love cheese steaks...I should have been born in Philly, but in Chicago we change the toppings, use less juice etc.  I am sticking to her recipe 100% tonight......We will have to compare later!

While I was searching her site (again) I came across this too....Menu's!  And not just for one week but FIVE!!!  Oh my, the meals and the NOT repeating meals!  I gotta work on this. Sure, we have our ol' standards that I whip out for the kids (or when mommy is not motivated) but for a set 5 weeks of meals, the ease! 

How far out to do you plan your meals? One week?  Two?  FIVE WEEKS??

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