Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet Your Teacher Day

Today J gets to find out his 2nd grade teacher.  Little does he know I know!  I accidentally found out last week while adding money to his lunch account. I decided to keep it a secret from him. He likes surprises and the day is so fun for the kids!  They all line up outside the gym until the doors open and rush the lists on the walls to see the teacher they got and who is in the class...Some of my friends told their kids, but I kindly asked them to not mention it to J.  They agreed and he is still in the dark. 

It is also the last time I will be going to Meet Your Teacher alone with him.  In the past my parents have taken C so J and I could do this solo, but it donned on me this morning, that next year C will be at the same school for kindergarten.  How did that happen? 

My babies are growing up....I am happy about that.  I am thrilled to watch them as they become the boys they are.  It will also give me to opportunities to do some things I have wanted to do outside the house.......Stay tuned....

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