Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Creative juices

I have had the crafty itch since the raffle finished.  I just could not figure out what I wanted to do!  I scoured the internet and my favorite BLOGS and came across centsationalgirl's post on this tray. I knew right away I could do this, or at least my version of it!

I went down the basement where I store "stuff", you know the stuff we buy but do not really need. The stuff on sale that we swear we will do...someday...I happened to have a tray!  Now, M & I have a wedding song, but for the life of me, I cannot ever remember the name of it.  He was in charge of ALL music for our wedding.  (He was a piano major...I got through 5 weeks of the flute where the music teacher told my mom "She does not have to sign up again". I did not.)

Instead of sheet music, I decided to collage it with my favorite wrapping paper, and then one photo.  The paper was the easy part. I knew this tray would sit on my screen in porch. The only room in the house that I can truly make girly because of this house of boys.  It is pink and green and very LILLY.  I love it.  It makes me happy.  So I used my beloved LILLY paper and covered the front, back and sides of the tray.  (Here is where a good Blogger, would insert a photo, but I am not that so there is no photo!) 

I then had to let it dry....and dry, and dry some more. Mod Podge is awesome but I tend to put it on thick, making the impatient me not happy about long drying times!

Finding the perfect photo is the challenge.  Should I use a wedding photo?  An outdated family photo of all 4 of us or should I just keep the tray LILLY and call it a day.  I am still mulling that over, because, well, the darn tray is STILL drying!

I am assuming this will be dry by spring  (lol) meaning I have plenty of time to think about what I want to do.  Since this is my porch, and it is all girly, I am leaning towards leaving it alone.  I have time. Spring will not be here anytime soon and the porch is closed up for the season and storing a lot of winter stuff (you know, sleds, boots, boot trays, shovels etc). 

I promise to take a photo when it is dry....come spring!

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