Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Making Lists

I am a huge fan and believer of lists. I always have been.  Since I can remember my mom was buying me cute paper to make lists on.  I function better with lists.

My typical list!

When I sit down to make my list, I even put down the things I do daily (like laundry!) to remind me to do it. I am easily distracted so if it is on the list I am more prone to actually do it.  If I do not get it down, that is OK.  Life happens, kids get busy or need me or the phone rings too much. If it is not crossed off for that day, it goes on the next days list.  Poor Amy might never get her baby gift.  It seems like getting to the post office is too difficult for me these days!

While I make my daily lists I do have BIG lists too.  I have the "wish list" for the house, a list for projects to do, and the newest addition to the list pile is the packing list for our spring vacation west to see my parents for nine days!  Now, one might think it is easy to pack, but I am a detail girl and for a trip away, the list is long!  I include every little thing on the list (underwear even!) This year, thanks to the airlines, we are shipping most of what we need to avoid the expense of actually checking luggage.  That means I want to be thorough with my lists so I do not miss anything!  My goal is to have everything ready to ship by March 1 (really that means March 7!).  Then we will carry on 2 suitcases, carry on bags for the 2 boys and M & I for the 4.5 hour plane ride.  No checking bags, no more $$ going to American Airlines!  (they got enough from us when we bought our tickets thank you very much!)  

One of my favorite BLOGS is IHeart organizing and I found this travel checklist.  Now while I love lists, I can re-make one just for me that will have spaces for all of our needs.   It might not be as cute or colorful, but I will be dammed if I forget something this year!  

Do you make lists everyday?  Or just for the grocery store?

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