Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Raffle Mania

Happily J's school Raffle is almost upon us! (36 hours and counting...literally!) Between the baskets, the packaging, the descriptions, the volunteers, and the little "things" that need to be done, me and my faithful friend / co-chair are seeing a light at the end of the Raffle tunnel.  Our biggest goal for this event is to make sure everyone has fun and we raise a lot of $$ for school!

With that said, the family has been warned of the chaotic week I have, and have been patient and supportive (thank goodness!).  They get to enjoy the event while I work it so there is fun involved for them at the end of all of this chaos!  J is armed with a list of things he wants to win, C wants to run around in the indoor obstacle course and M, well he gets to be the chaperon for the kids since I will be busy.

These are just some of the things that have been residing in my living room for weeks!

 The DSi XL
Ipod Touch
I can happily announce that dinners and household chores have not been neglected.  Dinners have been on the easy side, and no new ones have been tried this week, but that is OK.  It's our week of favorites or the ones that I know are fast and easy with little prep time!  No one has gone hungry! Even laundry (which I would easily forget if I could) has been done and put away (the worst chore EVER). 

As much work and griping I give this event (and this is the 2nd year I am co-chairing it) at the end of it, it is fun. I enjoy the creative side of making the baskets and the signs. I love to see the students at school get amped up when they see me deliver another load of prizes. I like the fact that I am helping out at J's school getting to know all of the staff and teachers.  I never did this to become "that over involved mom", I did it to be a part of something that could help the school my kids will attend.  I believe helping the school is important for my kids and the kids that will attend there one day.  This is my last year chairing this event, but not my goodbye to helping out.  Between the Wizards event and being the VP of fundraising for the PTO for one more year, my active role in the school will still be there.  But it is time to let something go for me and my family.  I cannot imagine not doing something, but scaling back is a must for us.

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