Monday, February 7, 2011

Daily Calendar

We have tried a million different kinds of calendar's.  We have!  I wanted a system so both M & I would know what each day would look like. I used to enter events etc onto Microsoft Outlook and then sync our phones to it.  I found that too time consuming.  I used to make calendars for the fridge, but hated when that when I ran out of ink.  Post its never worked because M would miss them and look stunned when I would say "I have ___ tonight!"
Then I found Cozi!  It is a free online calendar!  It is amazing. Each family member has a color.  I enter the events onto the calendar weekly (or as they come up!) including school for each boy.  I even made a "color" for meals so everything is in one place. Weekly (on Sundays) Cozi sends M & I an email for the events for the week.  We have been using it for 9 months and we love it.  There is no more "I forgot I have ____."  Mark is never in the dark since he gets the emails too. I print a monthly calendar and it hangs on our fridge as well.  (since I have not found the perfect message / command center in this house!)  I even have Cozi as my  homepage so the calendar of the next few days pops up!
Cozi is still working on a Blackberry app for our cell phones, but they do have apps for many other phones.  Carole is customer support and she is fast to respond to issues.  She is amazing.  When the system crashes (and it does!) info has not been lost and she quickly directs me to some some technical guy to assist me.  It is amazing!
So, if you need a better way to organize your life and your families life, I suggest you look into COZI. It has been a real lifesaver for our family!

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