Sunday, February 6, 2011

More snow

Superbowl Sunday, which is really a non-event at our house, greeted us with 3 more inches of the fluffy stuff.  BUT, the temps are warmer so the boys are happily burning off energy on the sledding hill with M.  I am catching up...

The Raffle for J's school is this week.  There is little else going on in my world until this is over.  Posters to make, baskets to design, descriptions to be typed.  I am glad to be a part of this event, but happily I am glad this is my last one.  In my efforts to say NO more, this will be my final Raffle as the chairperson. 

After the Raffle, I will be starting with Wizards event, which I am super excited about. Happily I have many parents stepping up to assist so this will no longer be just me planning this.  I love it when people get as excited as me for events! 

The end of the Raffle will also mean getting back to some of the things I started, like the master bedroom project, the painting of furniture and the better organization system in our home.  I was thrilled to get an email from Jen at iheartorganizing this past week. Even though this is perfect stranger to me, she was able to give me some good advice about saying no and doing it more for my family than for others. I am taking that to heart.  Sure I enjoy the challenges of planning events and fundraisers but it is a non-paying job.  It takes A LOT of time away from my family and that is not fair or good for us.  I will also start a part time job as a merchandiser for our family business. I am excited for that challenge but it will also let me get back to something I love, merchandising.  Part time is all I can muster up with two young boys who need me around, but it will be a nice creative outlet for me. 

Off to stir some chili for the Superbowl  game commericials I will watch!  The boys are amped for the for Black Eyed Peas performance at half time.  I see a majorly loud dance party in our future!

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