Thursday, February 3, 2011


We are on Day 2 of snow days around here...The 2011 Blizzard hit us and while the kids enjoyed the snow, M and I are feeling the burn (and aches) of shoveling 20+ inches of snow and grateful to neighbors with larger snow blowers than ours!
 This is out our side window...the fence is 6ft tall and this is a MAJOR drift!

This is the kids playhouse....
And the soccer goal! 

Our dear neighbor with a MONSTER of a snowblower finally made it here (after doing 3 other houses) to assist us in at least finding our driveway!

The other side of our house and the garage....The side of the house has yet to be touched, and although we like having the path clear, we could care less right about now!

This kids had a BLAST all day long!

 Needless to say, we are snowed in, and enjoying ourselves in the house.  It will be a long time until we see the green grass and flowers.

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