Saturday, February 12, 2011

We are Winners!

With J's school Raffle over, today is my day of rest and laziness.  16 hours at school, arranging, organizing and executing the second largest fundraiser for the school is a test of all of my patience and energy! It is over, many happy families have emailed me with words of thanks and encouragement and although it is wonderful to hear that so many families had fun, the best part was the winnings our family picked up along the way!
How about these awesome prizes for J & C???

I won a $75.00 Gift card to a local spa for some mommy treatments! I see a mani / pedi in my future!  Perhaps before spring break when we head west?

J won TWO, yes TWO, firetruck rides to school!  One from the town we live in and one from the town he goes to school in!  C will get to go with him as well as one other friend and a parent!  He is so excited!

And 4 new furry friends have entered our home too!  J & C have happily been playing with them all day, giving me a rest!

M & I also won a free butterfly garden to be planted in our yard come this spring!  I am so excited that I keep starring out the window, hoping the snow would melt faster so I could see my yard again!
The event was a huge success (although we do not know the final numbers!).  I am glad it is over so I can get back to being back with my family and not spending all my time on the Raffle!  The family is happy about that too!

So I am back to list making and giving our home and family the much needed TLC they deserve!  Stay tuned for that I have on the list! :)

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