Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Idea Brewing....

Two's Company Botany Apothecary Jars with Antiqued Labels, Set of 9
I love these!  But do not love the price tag (or the labels!)
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My new hunt is to find something similar for my mantle. I am itching to re-do it.  I want to paint the frame of the large mirror above my fireplace (perhaps the same brown that I painted the nightstand for M? ) and mantel and fill Apothecary jars with different colorful items to make it all pop and look lovely!  Right now the mantel has many candle sticks in varying height (glass and sterling) on it.  It is lovely when lit but kind of boring too....

Goodwill and Homegoods will be good hunting grounds, but my boys HATE both stores (and I hate taking them because of the little hands touching everything!) so I will have to hunt slowly when I can sneak away from them for pure mommy time (when is that exactly?)  

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