Saturday, February 26, 2011

Funny how one thing changes a meal

This past Christmas I asked M to buy me some new pans for gifts. I was specific in what I wanted, clipped out photo's gave him stores to go to etc.  I was overly thorough for these things. I did not want to be stuck returning them after the holidays.

One of the pans was this:
credit :
I really did not "have to have it" but really wanted it.  I loved seeing grill marks on the TV cooking shows I watch. I wanted THAT look!  And C loves the lines on his grilled cheese! (So my boy looking at the small details of food!)

I also asked for this

And I find myself using it DAILY! It cleans up beautifully, is a great weight and for health reasons I rarely have to use oil in the pan for cooking on it.  I love love love it!

The last one I asked for was this
I wanted it for when I make smaller batches of my award winning (yes, award winning---3 times thank you  very much.....from the neighborhood Chili Cook Off!) This just had a cute factor to it and was not as deep as the pot I had been using.  It is a great pot for smaller dishes as well.

M came through on all three!  He did exactly what I had asked (basically bought them online with the links I provided!  ha!).  I love them all.  

Now, I am dreaming of more cookware, but these have helped my addiction collection!  I am dying for one of these
But the price tag is a little steep for me (even though we have a LeCreuset outlet close by) and really it is because I love the colors it comes in.  Chili cooking would be turned into an art form with that baby!

It is amazing how in 10 years of married life that I never really looked at my cookware (that my mom bought me when I moved into my first apartment!).  I still use all of the pieces, the function well, and were not cheap.  She (like me) invested in good cookware.  But now, as I delve more into cooking meals, cooking healthy and spend more time in my kitchen I want better cookware.  Not because it will make my meals better (except for the amazing grill marks on grilled cheese) but because I think that when you like what you are doing, with what you are working with, you will try harder.  I try each night to make dinner just a little better. I try to make it different, and pretty on the plate.  I try to make it healthier, but filling.  I try to let my family know that this is just another way of me saying I LOVE YOU.  
Do you have any tools in your kitchen you can live without (and that I need?)???

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