Thursday, February 17, 2011


I was amazed to find out we have a Goodwill store close to our house.  C and I jumped in the car to head over to see what we could find~ he was less than thrilled, but the bribe of a thin mint made it all better!

I was not sure what I would be looking for since it was my first trip but I knew I could find something!  And I did!
Look at these cute jars!

I have always loved jars!  I think they are interesting to look at and a clever and cute way to display things. I had to have these!  After a good soak and washing they will be used in my soon to be (hint hint M!) craft desk and storage area.  I can see thread stored in them, decorative clips....I want more so Goodwill will now be my new "stop" to see if they have more!  At .99 and 1.99 for these babies they are a great find!  I would love to have a shelf of these jars above my imaginary craft desk!  Then I see some for my pantry for flour, sugar, pasta etc! 

I am off to ana-white to get some inspirations for this craft desk that I want M to build me this spring. I think she will have plenty of ideas and then we can draw something to make it just perfect for my ribbons, papers etc. 

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