Thursday, January 13, 2011

All about C

I feel like I talk about C a lot on this Blog already...It must because he is home with me all the time (besides those lovely days when he has school for 2.5 hours!)  Big brother J is just as amazing as C in a different way.  J is very thoughtful but manipulative in a six year old way.  Since we are knee deep in the LEGO party to come J is feeling a little jealous it is not all about him.  This is a conversation we had last night at bed time.

J: Mom, when can we start working on my Birthday party?
Me: Well, your special day is not until May so we have time.  What do you want to have as your theme?
J: I do not know. But C is getting all this stuff and I want it too.
Me: I know J but his birthday is in the winter, he cannot have an outdoor party like you AND it's right after Christmas so it is harder to plan something.  
J: I wish my birthday was in January.
Me: WHY? I love spring and summer parties.  They can be outside so we are not cramped in the house.  Plus we have a great yard for them.  We can do a LEGO party for you, just outside.  
J: REALLY?  But it would be for 7 year old's, not babies right?  
Me: Well, C is turning 4 so everything is for littler kids, but I can change it up for your birthday.  

He seemed happy after that.....And then 10 minutes later he said "Mom, I am going to dream of a party idea tonight and get back to you."  Get back to me?  This is not a business venture dear J!  It's a party! 

I will report, J did not get back to me this morning, but we have time.  May seems so far away to me right now. 

C and I are off of birthday plans today (although we did buy the cake mixes and frosting today).  We have other "things" to do.  Anyone have any tips on making canned frosting a true ROYAL blue with food coloring?  Baby blue is not an option (nor is it a LEGO color!)  
This is the cake I will attempt to make!

So baker friends, let me know how to get THAT color......The birthday boy is insisting it be "BLUE, MOM, BLUE! It's my favorite color!"

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