Monday, January 3, 2011

When your turning 4

C is turning 4 this month....Last week, right after we ripped into piles of presents from Santa, I started brainstorming a party for him.  Sadly, because his birthday is right after Christmas, the budget for a party for him is nil.  I am a retired crafter, but I usually try to do something for his party!
So, after brainstorming, I walked into my basement and it hit me!  C loves Lego's, we own one million of the little boogers and I had my party idea! I will be turning MY house, into "Lego City".
Thankfully, one of my BFF is crafty in a photoshop kind of way and I called her first.  She happily agreed to make his invites!  Easy!  She gave me some instructions, I gave her in the info and within 24 hours, the invites were complete and sent to Walgreens to be printed!  Then I started with my lists for decorations, games, cake etc!  All will be done by ME...and I am NOT A BAKER!  Thanks to other Blogs and websites I was given the encouragement I needed to pull this off. 
Another BFF found  this
and is sending it for the favor bags!  LEGO CANDY!  WOW! I need to get out more!
I found online this LEGO font and after I played with it enough I made coloring sheets, all the letters I will need to make a Happy Birthday banner, and other things I will need to print out for the cake, the door decorations etc.  This was a good find!
Then I found this Lego Cake and totally knew I could do that with a couple of boxes of cake mix, some frosting, some food coloring and some cupcakes! See, I am getting this done! :)
Sure, there is more to be done, and I will track my progress for you, but for now I am feeling good on the list I have made.  The next couple of evenings I will be cutting out lots of letters for the banner to make next week.  Stay tuned.....

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