Monday, January 10, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

When I made out the list for Monday (last night ofcourse!) I did not think it would be that long....then I made the list.....Who am I kidding?  When all four of us are home for the weekend, Mondays are always my catch up day!  At least J & C have school so I have 2.5 hours to catch up alone!

On a good note, we spent the morning at a home improvement store yesterday and I found a brown paint for the dresser / nightstand for M.  It is a great chocolate brown color and I love it!  I got it painted and have to put the new handles on it and it will be done!  The other nightstand needs some TLC and M offered to assist me (yea! I love help!)  An even better note is that we found a sage green color I like, maybe even love, for the master bedroom!  It is hard to love a paint chip so when we see it on the walls I will decide if it is love!  But the two chips (the brown for the nightstands and the green for the walls) look great together! (Yes I will post photo's soon enough! It's only 7:42am!)

On our travels as a family yesterday we drove by a bunch of antique stores too!  I mentioned to M that I wanted to check them out, but we have 2 melting kids in the back so we plan to make another visit to them.  I would love to find some kind of inspirations or treasures for the room (knowing full well the budget for this extreme makeover is minimal!)

As for a follow up, the short ribs dinner was DEVINE!  A lot more work and time was used than I expected but we loved every bite. I learned a few things too....

1) Have your butcher cut off as much FAT as possible off the meat.  It was a fatty piece of meat so that was one negative.
2) The sauce really does reduce a lot more than I expected (and it was SO yummy!).  I felt I had to keep an eye on it the last hour of cooking so the meat did not dry out. I kept spooning it on top of the meat!
3) I could do this in the crock pot! :) 
4) This will be a great "we are having company and I want to impress them" meal. 

Hopefully I get my list complete while I am sans - kids to finish up the nightstand, then work on the pantry too!  Photo updates to follow!

Happy Monday friends!  Snow is headed our way tomorrow......3 - 5 inches! I see the crock pot coming out tomorrow to make a pot roast for us to eat while we watch the snow!

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