Monday, January 31, 2011

Counting my blessings

Odd that a toilet seat would be photo of the day....But, well, this is about C and his time with toilet.  

I can report after 6 days of sheer HELL, C has gotten the hang of going tinkle in the potty. Poop will come, but just seeing him "doing the dance" and gettin the job done has raised my spirits (they were pretty low!)
While the potty was terrifying to my little guy, after the first time he has become friends with the toilet, and not complaining while sitting there.  He does not mind the constant "Do you have to potty?" questions.  I can leave the room knowing he will scream when he has to go.  

It is not over, I know that, but for now, I can say we are doing better than we were 4 days ago.  It is a long road, and the transformation of my little man has been amazing.  

The transformation of me has been less than glamorous.  When I announced to M that I needed a shower on Saturday.  J replied "Dad, she really does! I think she has been in those clothes for 3 days.  I think she was afraid to leave C"  Smart kid...he was totally right.  Terrified I had more slipcovers to wash, I never left C for 4 days.  So I never showered. I never took my normal mommy "ten minutes of quiet", I never did anything without him.  That was the best shower of my life (and I say that every summer after returning from our summer house after weeks of "river life"!

The war is not over, but a small  battle has been won.....I am feeling my guilt a little less today and I am beaming with proud vibes to my C.  As stubborn as he is, he is me, through and through.  I can only imagine what the years will bring if this took that long!

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