Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lists and Loves

Since my 2011 resolution list was short (why commit to so much when I could fail???) I decided to simply make a list, not a a commitment and better yet, if I do not finish the list I will not feel guilty! I get most of my list is done during the colder months because I play too much during the summer at the pool, at our cottage or here in our neighborhood.  I would rather not be bogged down the lists during the warmth!  Its good to be busy in the winters of Chicago...It keeps you warm!

So, in my efforts to "redo" the bedroom, I have been searching the internet for ideas, inspirations etc. I have come across some AMAZING sites!  Like Ana White!  Um, hello, the woman is a handmade furniture genius and really making me think I could do some of her projects!  I have a list on her site already!  I may have to borrow M's truck to start picking up lumber soon! 

One of my other "list" items is to cook more, and that is a no brainer since I love to cook.  My goal is 1 - 2 new meals a week.  Easy or hard, when time permits.  I am so relaxed in my kitchen that this is not going to be a hard one for me. Tonight's dinner (which I will post later) is an Italian dish that we love!  M is thrilled I am pulling it out tonight! 

C and I are hoping to get a move on here soon to head out on a few simple errands and a trip to Home Depot for some paint ideas.  He loves that place, thank goodness!  Toss him some Mickey Mouse paint cards and he is good for 15 minutes. At least I have some ideas on paint colors for the dresser / nightstands. 

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