Monday, January 31, 2011


If you are living under a rock in the mid-west then let me be the first to tell you, 
we are getting some snow soon....


The grocery store was insane.
The pharmacy parking lot was full.
The Fruit Stores parking lot was full. 
Milk was being purchased in illegal amounts. A sign went up saying 3 gallons per person. 

Reports say that we are under a BLIZZARD WARNING at Noon on Tuesday.....and all reports combined say we will get 12 - 24 inches before it is all over.  50MPH winds and oh, it's gonna be COLD.

Meetings are being canceled.  Emails are rampant with more cancellations!
I am ready...  I have lots of milk (I went to 2 stores!) I have crafts to do with the kids. I have snow clothes ready too. I have books to read, BLOGS to stalk people to call and email. Oh, and that volunteer job for J's Raffle.  

I am ready...Are you ready mid-westerners? 

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