Friday, January 7, 2011

Hello Friday, what took ya so long?

How come when your on "break" for two weeks, that the first week back to real life seems to DRAG?  I swear I was stunned when we hit Christmas and I was still living in November!  Now we are in full on slow motion and well, I do not like it one bit.  

The weekend has little "fun" planned.  Sadly Mommy has some volunteer meetings to attend for Jack's school on Saturday so my afternoon is really shot.  But I suppose I could say it will be great quality time for my 3 boys to have together.  I do have a new dinner planned with it's leftovers being straight to my non-cook friend T around the corner.  She does not cook...AT ALL....I mean her middle son actually asked her this summer "if she could pour? Like Milk mom?  Can you even pour milk?"  She can pour, she can even warm up, but ask yourself to dinner at her house, and her hubby J cooks it all!  And as a rule of thumb we NEVER, and I mean NEVER, pass up a dinner invite when J is cooking.  He is amazing!  Hell, we will even cancel on you if they invite us over!  

But I went off topic.....My new dinner is short ribs.  I told T about it and her response was "Oh, I do not eat food that I have to eat with my hands".  I told her these are not "rib RIBS" these are cooked in a wine sauce, the meat will fall off the bone etc.  She does not buy it.  So today while buying the short ribs, I bought one extra, just for T! Then she'll understand and want me to make more for her!
The rest of the weekend will be me, cleaning up, perhaps sanding more and priming even more than I did yesterday.  Home Depot was a bust as they had no sample sizes of the paint colors I wanted. I will try another Home Depot this weekend. I did not have it in me.  There is plenty to do, but with this Chicago weather, I would like nothing more than a cozy movie day / weekend on the couch.....Since I have children, I have not done that is well, 6.5 years to be exact....Oh to dream about it! 

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