Wednesday, January 5, 2011

High Hopes

While I am counting the minutes before C goes to school I am seeing my free time being eaten up soon enough with the volunteer projects I am lined up for....So, between now and then I have a few "things" I want to finish up! I have boldly decided that 2011 is the year to "DO" our Master bedroom. We moved into the drafty house 4 years ago and have worked so hard on all of the rooms in the places, except for the Master bedroom!  Over the weekend M and I cleaned it within an inch of it's life, removed furniture that was not needed (or being used), we are trying out a new arrangement right now and brainstorming what we still need for the place. 
In the mean time (for 3 years now) I have been trying to find fabric and paint.  I have seen NOTHING that I love...NOTHING....Can you believe that?  But I have picked up some furniture along the way that needs painting and re-purposing so I am just going to do it.  I love greens so I am just going with that and hopefully, one day, or during the next Calico Corner or Joanne's fabric sale, I will find something!
Today I am hoping to sand and prime the 2 new nightstands I have picked up (one from a garage sale and one I saved from the garbage truck from a friend). I want to paint them a brown color to match (sort of) the antiques we have in the room (my grandma's dresser and this adorable Amish dresser we bought last year). If I can knock these 2 items out before I turn into the volunteer mom in the next couple of weeks I will feel like I am doing something for me and only me...And M I suppose since he sleeps in there too! 

So, off to take C to school and get the Kilz out! :)

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  1. You should post pics of the before and afters!! I want to see the transformation.