Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Moments like these.....

As much as I love being home with the kids, I must admit it is harder job than I expected.....Harder because I have one of those "difficult" children.  I take FULL responsibility that he is difficult because of me. I baby him.  He is my baby, and well, when you lose a child, you tend to baby the subsequent (I learned that in my support group!).  But there are days, that are seriously tougher than others.  He exhausts me.  He is perfectly content in the house, with me close by and available to fix all broken Lego creations.  The moment we step outside the house, it is like the child I just had completely floated away into thin air. 

We just went to the post office. A quick errand, rather harmless, but something we do weekly to mail  my retired, snow bird parents their mail in California.  He was calm, he was quiet until we are about to leave and BAM!  He did not get a sticker and all hell broke loose! I gave him a sticker (not a stamp but the large sticker OF the stamp) and well, that was not good enough.  He cried the 10 blocks it took us to get home.  He cried when he could not find the stickers he lost 2 weeks ago.  After literally IGNORING him, my child has retreated upstairs to what I am guessing is to take a nap.  Convenient when we have to pick up J in one hour from school.

And after this short rest sweet C will take, he will forget about the sticker, he will forget he momentarily turned into the devil and he will forget that his mommy wanted to pull her hair out with all the whining.  Instead he will be a love, a cuddly little boy and will win my heart over again for me to baby him.  I really have to toughen up or the age of 4 could be as bad as 3 was with him!

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