Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kitchen Dreams

Oh how I long for a larger kitchen.  A kitchen we can eat in, that has more storage and that is truly the gathering places for my family and all of the friends we often have over for impromptu "pizza night's".  But this old drafty house has a smallish kitchen, no place to eat in it (we eat in our formal dining room for every meal!) and if you want to be with while I cook, they you are standing, usually in my way.
How great would it be to have this:
Credit to Martha Stewart Living

I love the small table in this kitchen with the storage / merchandising above!  Now since we have lived in this house for 4 years I have drafted my own "plans" (in my head ofcourse!) if and when we either win the lottery or come into large amounts of cash.  My kitchen would be the first room we "re-do", I would make larger and make just perfect for us and the people who spend time here!
Until then, we and my red walls, my shortage of cabinets and prep space will be just fine...And when you come over to have dinner, you will quickly learn the best places to stand so you are not in my way!

On a side note, my free day turned into "birthday" mode and C and I have been  working on goody bags, banners, cake toppers and other little things for the bash a mere 11 days away!  Wait until you see it all put together! I am betting J will want a LEGO party come spring too! :)

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