Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Small Steps

While my time without kids was brief I did get part 1 of a many step process complete....One of the soon to be nightstands for our bedroom is prepped...I did remember just after I starting priming to take some pictures, so here is what I have....Everything is primed, holes are filled where the old knobs were (I am hoping to score some really cool pulls or paint some myself).  

Tomorrow C and I might hit Home Depot for some paint options.  I like this.  And what do you know?  Calico Corner's fabric sale starts soon so perhaps I will find something to go off of in this project!  :)  Otherwise I could be at a stand still until I find paint.  I will hopefully start the other nightstand tomorrow or this weekend

 Isn't the harvest gold inside and pale pink outside lovely?  
No wonder this was a garage sale find!
Although C was patient while I finished up, his threshold for this kind of stuff is not as long as I would like. I got 2 hours of work in total, one without him, one with him.  His running commentary was amusing sometimes, but I prefer to listen to my DMB mix on my ipod. 

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