Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Only Wednesday?

Those are the words M left me with this morning..."It's ONLY WEDNESDAY!?"  I know, I cannot believe it.  I seriously think since November and December flew by for me I will be burdened with a slow, cold and snowy January.  Perhaps February could warm up a little and come March, I will begin my packing for my hot vacation to the desert at the end of the month. I need March to get here ASAP.

I have literally nothing planned for today. I have given myself a "free day" (like a free period in high school). I have plenty of "things to do" but I may or may not get to them.  I am ok with that since I have a planned free day.  I have poly urethane to put on M's nightstand and then to add the new handles, I have my nightstand to sand, prime and paint. I have birthday party plans to make up, I have laundry.  I will go with the flow and see what I want to do.  C has school today so I really do have some free time, but I am thinking more along the lines of watching "Oprah" (I mean come on, it's her farewell season and I live in Chicago!).

So friends, make sure you plan yourself a free day soon too. I see myself cuddled in a blanket soon with my cookbooks and my recipes finding new creations for us to eat or I see myself with my stack of magazines looking for more inspiration for this house.  Whatever it is that I do, I am free to do what I want! I like that....A LOT....

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