Monday, January 10, 2011

When a plan comes together

I love lists. I love plans. I love even more when I complete the list AND the plan comes together all is ONE DAY!  (and a Monday to boot!)

Since September I have been (sort of secretly) been planning a HUGE event for our school district.  I was hoping to do this to bridge the gap between the four schools in our district, have an amazingly FUN family event and well, maybe raise some money while doing it.  See, for J's school I am the president of Fundraising. I got roped into the job, and because well, I think I am good at it and have good results when I do it.  So, when I saw a little something in a magazine about a HUGE fundraiser I was NOT put off by it, instead so interested I started planning it...Alone.....

I will not get into the details but I can say now that after 1000 emails between my new best friend at this organization, finding a lot of new friends and realizing I was not the only person with the same dreams for our community, I did it. I signed a contract for a family event for 1000 people!  Yea, I am LOONEY!

I can happily announce the 10 people who read this (none of you who live near me!) that I have planned for the Harlem Wizards to play against 30 of our students, teachers, administrators and parents!  Check out the link!  They are the same kind of group as the Globetrotters, only they ONLY do small venues, they only do fundraising!  I am pumped.  (Now, I know Shannon T. is reading this so she will get the reference so bear with me!) I went to a high school that had an AMAZING boys basketball team.  I was the manager for 4 years and loved it. I became a huge basketball fan through those years.  To even watch the video reminds me of the star of our high school team and his slam dunks...Only these guys have more moves than Andy EVER did (and Shannon, you can tell Andy I said that!)

So tonight I will dream of ballers, I will dream of dunks and I will dream of screaming fans...because tomorrow I have 22 pages of lists to get through to get more people to help me out!

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